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It's not good This motherboard has serious issues
It stopped in the middle of doing the scandisc with a Fatal error fault so I went ahead and tried to install xp anyway
This probably doesn't mean anything I just thought it was strange that when I started installing xp it showed that it will take 1218 minutes to complete
However it quickly (10-15 real minutes) went down to 128 minutes before the first restart
After doing a quick format and restarting it came back with 39 minutes to go which is normal
Everithing was going well until it was 6 minutes left to finidh when it froze up again
So I restarted and tried to continue and it was working for a while then it stopped again this time with a blue screen and a message "page fault in nonpaged area"
So I think it's time for a diffrent motherboard unless someone knws why this is happening

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