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Default Smbios

The SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) describes the file structures that are used within the BIOS which permits an application of the user to save and recover files from the computer system. The SMBIOS is a component of the DMTF. Windows Operating System offers support for the SMBIOS. It is generally employed to determine information regarding the system’s hardware, as well as the BIOS version. SMBIOS routinely scans for the physical memory of the system and repossesses data during start up which makes it accessible to various applications.

The SMBIOS concentrate on how a motherboard as well as manufacturers presents the management information regarding the hardware using a standard format. This will permit generic instrumentation to be able to broadcast the data to various applications using DMI, direct access or CIM. The standard is intended to offer sufficient information useful for BIOS developers to be able to employ the necessary extensions to permit the hardware and numerous products to be interlink using a particular interface.

The SMBIOS standard is also implemented to present data for management instrumentation architectures to expand generic protocols for broadcasting from SMBIOS format to format that is employed by the chosen technology, may it be CIM, DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) or DMI.

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