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This doesn't make sense to me.. if one swaps motherboards they refer to the model of the motherboard and not to reference the chip being used. Both chips mentioned 1ghz (Duron) and the Athalon XP 2600 use the same chip socket...socket A and can sometimes be interchanged depending upon the motherboard itself. This is why it is important to reference the motherboards when talking about motherboards and referencing the chips when talking about the chips.

The hard drive I believe is fine since it was working with the previous motherboard without crashing it was just very slow booting (1 minute) so that's why I changed the motherboard

1) AMD athalon xp 2600 is a computer chip and not a motherboard

did you mean that you had a motherboard with this chip installed that you swapped out for the old motherboard with the AMD 1ghz installed?


did you mean that you swapped the cpu by installing the athalon XP 2600 chip for the 1 ghz chip but kept the same motherboard...

Clarity here is important because the answers are totally different and can ruin a computer by giving the wrong answers.....

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