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Default Possible Reasons for Computer Start-up Problems..

There are numerous causes of computer start-up failure. It is a good idea to try turning on your computer again and listen to beep sound it might make; beeps refer to certain errors which may be present on your computer, the beeps serves as the messenger of computer start-u errors.

The series of beeps may be a single beep, prolonged beeps, several longs or short beeps. The nonstop single beeps or the fast reiterating beeps means that there is a problem with the motherboard; it could be short circuit or problems with the power cable. One to three short beeps would mean that the memory of your computer could have problems. One lengthy beep which is followed by two more or three short beeps could mean that the video graphic cards have problems. With the problems on cards like video and graphics cards as well as memory, you may try removing the card from the motherboard, cleaning it with a rubbery material, like erasers, and then try placing them again, then make an attempt on turning your computer again.

If the following instructions do not solve the problem, try reconnecting and checking the wiring that are connected to the motherboards and hard drives.

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