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Default Windows error 'File can no longer be found' when deleting files

There may be several causes for this problem, one I know of is that a file gets created that has the dot between filename and extension but no extension, and or, it is a zero byte file, so in Windows Explorer the file type displays as “File” and the long file name shows the dot but no file extension and zero bytes. To delete these files follow these steps:

1. Open an command prompt
2. Navigate to the folder where the files are located
3. Run this DOS command: dir /a /x /p
4. You will get a listing of files including the 8.3 file names
5. Delete the file files using the [8.3] file name, example:, leave off
the [ ] brackets:
6. [del INBILLB~1] or [del VSXBUI~2.txt]
7. Sometime you can simply try [del *.*] and delete all of the file

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