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Thanks for your reply, Wilson. But your link is dead i couldnt visit it. Could u please tell me the name of driver for my CD drive ?

Oh, and yes I reinstalled WinXP (my friend did it for me actually) and downloaded most of the drivers from Dell already. (The ones that ask to enter Service Tag and then Comp Model )

Edit: I can visit your link now. There are 11 files in the CD/DVD , i downloaded the one that has the model of my CD Drive, it appeared that I already installed that firmware. Also, this is what appear at D:\ in:

Safe Mode: CD-Drive (D: )
Normal Mode DVD-RW Drive (D: )

I dont know why it appears as 2 different types of drive, Please tell me what do i need to do ?

Btw, it said E113 AO4, is that because my current BIOS is AO7 and the firmware need BIOS AO4 to work ? (I updated my BIOS from AO4 to AO7 after the format+reinstall OS) I just recheck my XP it is SP3 instead of SP2. Please let me know if you need more info about my comp.

This is the report of my comp from Belarc Advisor:

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