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Default Server creation?

I know considering the fact that by some means, your hard drive can function as a server to websites. This, I suppose, is only effective if your hard drive has to keep running nonstop, a.k.a. running your computer all night and all day (which means your bill will cost [atleast] 5000$), because if shut down, it's no longer accessible. The website I plan to create is on a server that exists on an online server and is free. I expect a server 1 TB (1024 GB) in size, the least, 20 GB, but free.

I probably suppose you can also create a website on any online storage website. Example Oosah.Com, MediaFire.Com, MegaUpload.Com (and I least suppose, maybe on Rapidshare.Com).

I'm not a techie to know how to create a server, etc. Only I know how to create a website. I'll be obliged for your help.

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