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Default Adding XP to a Vista Hard Drive

OK, I am a real neophyte; one micron on the other side of the display and I am as dumb as a post; been 'USING' systems for about 25 years.

Question: I have been XP until I got a Dell XPS M1710 with Vista; went through the birthing pains and now I am used to it; I see some advantages I like. I have a Dell XPS 400 in the grips of death; blue screening very frequently. It's fully backed up, but I ordered a new, high end Dell tower that comes in a week.

I want to be able to retain XP and some of the programs that seem to be XP exclusive AND use the vista ultimate that is coming on the new machine. I will have a 750 gig HD and all the RAM I could get; always 'over' order I think. How difficult is it to carry both systems on the new tower? Is there a source of step by step instructions (I follow instructions well when they are kept simple) that I can use to get to the point that my primary system will be Vista to match all the programs and files in my laptop, but I will (would) have access to those few software programs I love and need that are only XP compatible?

Can local Computer service people be trusted to do this for someone. I would rather pay an expert than risk screwing things up myself.
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