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Default Flashin BIOS

Can anyone tell me where I could obtain a copy of the 2.15.12m VooDoo3 3000 BIOS? I have read that it has less agressive memory timings, and there fore is more suitable to overclocking. Note the taht "m" makes this differnet from the normal 2.15.12 BIOS. Also, I am in need of a program to apply this BIoS; the two versions of one such program from 3DFX will not work. If I can use this BIOS to help achieve higher speeds when overclocking, I will most likely purchase the cooling necessary.

On a related note: has anyone tried the volt mod on a V3 3000? Here is a link to it, if interested:

As I plan to build a new PC later in the year (hopefully after PCI express, DDR2, the BTX formfactor, and the new GPUs from ATi and nVidia are out), I will not be too concerned if I end up destroying this old card, and given that, I want to see how far the card can be pushed. So far, with no cooling (except for the stock case fan, PSU fan and the CPU HSF) and no other mods, I have been able to get the card running stabily at 185MHz; at 186Mhz red dashed lines begin to appear on the desktop. That was before I installed the Voodoolizer 1.06.00 drivers, however. If better drivers are able, could someone please leave a link? Note that this is a Win XP system, as far as compatibility issues go.

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