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Thank you --- When you say this : '' but a computer should not have two anti virus programs installed and running at the same time '' I follow your logical explanation of conflicting commands and so on.
Pls see if am right --- (1) a pc can have any amount of protective progams like Windows Defender, BitDefender, AVG (NOT anti-virus) and so on.
(2) But a pc should NOT have two different ANTI-VIRUS programs AND running at the same time.
In other words, a pc can have two different ANTI-VIRUS programs installed but that pc should NOT run both programs AT THE SAME TIME.
Having said that, it remains for me to identify if any two of the protective programs I do have installed in my pc are of the anti-virus types.
Please tell me how to do that --- identify if a program is of the ''anti-virus'' type and IS running in the background.-------------------------thank you, you are kind and helpful, ben aloysius.

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