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Default Spam Mail

Originally Posted by lurkswithin View Post
Do you know whom the email was from...darshna dhamankar if you know this person then it is not spam. If you do not then it just might be a worm or virus called the I Love you Virus

Did your computer crash after opening the email? If so then there you are!

If not then:
It is just a heading from an original email giving the needed information that was required to go through the various servers to get to you.

I L U normally represents the words

I love You

so maybe that this is one person that you are not sure that you know or not....well maybe you should get to know them!
I know the sender we both are in each others contact list. I asked her to check her sent message folder mail was there. But she is denying. Usually when she sends me mail x-originating ip is different from the mail in question.
And also my pc did not crash when I opened the mail.

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