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Originally Posted by bruce55 View Post
I have installed Windows 7 on a second Drive,
I have XP Pro on my Primary Drive, I have been trying to figure
out how to dule boot, Although all the post I have read are very
informative, None quite have the info i need or if it is even possible.
I am getting tired of swaping my Sata cables around
Any Help ?

I take it that your two drives are each individually bootable by their self. If this is right then:

Google for GAG boot manager. (Free program)
Remove all but one operating system. Follow the directions to installing the GAG boot manager. Once it is installed then shut down your computer and install the other harddrive...leaving the other one in place. GAG will install itself to the dive's lead-in (first 8mb of drive space) and then ask you to set up the preference as to which drive you will like to boot to.

While in one operating system then you will be able to share files and folders but not applications and programs. You may use the applications from each operating system but you may not transfer them from one to the other...

Have fun!

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