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Anything can cause this (short in the board) as ALL parts internal are connected electrically.

Since you said you felt elec. from the case something is shorting from a power to the case. Could be a screw or something stuck between the board and case, power supply shorting etc. Could have been any component, just because something is new doesn't mean it can't fail.

Also if you do not have the proper anti-static devices to ground yourself when swapping components you may have caused a fault in an IC somewhere.

A person carrying a relatively small electric charge may not feel a discharge that is sufficient to damage sensitive electronic components. Some devices may be damaged by discharges as small as 12 volts. These invisible forms of ESD can cause device outright failures, or less obvious forms of degradation that may affect the long term reliability and performance of electronic devices. The degradation in some devices may not become evident until well into their service life.

The only way to test most components is in another PC setup.

If it were mine, I would definitely get a new PSU and strongly consider new RAM and CPU too.

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