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Default Sound not working on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

Hello, people!

I have installed Ubuntu on mi PC with the minimal packages posible (I don't want Gnome or KDE on mi slow machine, I HATE THEM!!!) and it has Openbox with fbpanel and other minimalistic stuff installed.

The first time i have installed sound support it never worked, and ubuntu has the alsa packages without alsaconf, so i've downloaded the packages from debian and they work ok on text mode, but when i start the X server, the sound doens't work , this is very strange, this never happened on debian etch or lenny

When i start alsamixer on text mode it works, but when i start it on X it says:
alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory
this happens in terminal emulators and with alsamixergui

Please help!!!

NOTE: I don't want to install debian again, the software is very outdated.

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