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The motherboard and cpu are a great match from what I can determine. There have been no bad reports for either one and infact the overclocking capabilities are very good and you should be able to reach mark6 benchmarking of the mid 17,000's .
The graphics card is an excellent choice other than the size and you must take care with is extremely long and in some cases will not fit without some modding by cutting some metal framework out and then it must be a good job or stand the option of grounding/arching across the card to frame.

I personally don't have a liking to large capacity drives as they just do not hold up as long as the smaller drives do. Major draw back. I would opt for a couple of twin 250's and set up a RAID array for the faster speeds and protection of your data because of the overclocking issues. If you must have a super large drive then use it for external back up purposes as it is not constantly running and wearing out.

The graphics card is a very cool running card and does not generate a lot of heat source but that CPU when overclocked will so you will need to look at a nice heat sink and fan other than a stock one or you will be having frame rate issues and have to slow the thing down to dissipate the heat.
I would also check out the thermal paste and choose the best around to help with the cooling....Do Not Use Thermal Tapeon this system or you will also have heat issues as thermal tape does not dissipate heat that well.

The memory is good but may be hard to regulate when overclocking....this is dependent on your operating system that you plan on installing. Windows XP (Home or Pro) will not recognize more than 3 gigs of memory and may cause issues with reading the 4 gigs. Not that much of an issue but it may not read properly and you may get false readings and cause you to over clock and burn something.

The power supply needed for this set up should not be less than 600 watts and needs to have the 24 pin connector for the board and the other 6 pin for the SLI graphics card. The 6 pin can be by an adapter.

For the case. Check the mobo dimensions and compare to the views of the case to make sure that you have room for the board to fit and clearance for the graphics card as well.
Buy you some extra right angle Sata cables to be on the safe side. I would also look into a sata optics drive for that extra data transfer speed as well.

Good luck!

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