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Originally Posted by phx0 View Post
I am having the same problem. I have a Presario 5000 that I am trying to re-install Windows on. At the beginning of the setup it reports that no HDD is found. Now the old copy of windows is still installed on this hard drive. If I do not (Press any key to boot from cd) it will boot from the hard drive and load windows (which is jacked up due to malware). The plan was to format the drive from within windows setup. I am not using the included restoration disk because I am installing xp pro instead of that xp home crap that came with it.

While googleing for answers I found this thread and just couldn't help but get irritated at the way you responded to this poor fellows request for help. But hey what can you expect from free help? No help at all apparently.

my response
How he connected it doesn't make a difference, whether he plugged it in directly or used an external device, the results are the same.

1)He said he put the old hard drive back in and got the same result. Are you assuming that he changed the jumper on that one? Do you know what they say about people who assume.

2)If a drive works on one computer, then it is already set up. So if you put it onto another computer, it should work just as well.

3)The generic IDE controllers obviously didn't work.

4)No comment. LOL

5)The controller drivers are installed during installation? Without further explanation that makes no sense at who is not giving enough information?

6)Yes there are different versions but seeing as how there are no download-able eide controller drivers what difference does that make?

I did find the problem. In the bios there is a Sata Native Support option, I disabled it and Windows setup could then see the hard drive. I suspect I can turn it back on after the install is done. I realize the original poster has either figured out the problem or tossed the laptop into the trash can by now as it has been a few months...but for anyone looking for answers in the future..there ya go. Have a good day.

Not all BIOS(especially older ones) will see all drives unless they are made primary or logical. That is why set-up is so important. WD drives are usually not set-up when you first buy them and thus a set-up disc is included to perform that detail. This also falls for the type of connection that is does make a difference....especially to WD drives. It can be seen using a cable select set up but may not be seen using master/slave. WD drives are notorious for jumper issues and getting BIOSes to read the drive. Thus not knowing what or how the two computers are controlling their harddives makes a lot of difference and saves a lot of questions and later own.

1)You forgot to mention the fact that he said he wiped the drive. This means that the drive was reset to all 0's and thus would again need to be set-up to be seen. There was no assumeing anything except that you were looking to flame and tried to make something of this so purposly left out details to make it your way!
2)look who is assuming. Reread the first paragraph.
3)Again, if the drive is not properly set-up then there is no place to install the generic ide controller drivers to find out if they would or should work! During the xp installation a virtual drive is created and the drivers needed during installation or stored there. The installation then searches for the harddrives and other hardware to see if it can be installed to....if the set up finds no drive it is not because of the controller but because of the BIOS not reading the drive...again refer back to harddrive set-up.
4) of course you have no comment as if a cable is broken it is broken period...but a lot of wannabe techs such as yourself usually fail to properly plug in connectors when switching components usually because one is too scared to push harder to seat and lock the plug into place.
5) see # 3 above. the drivers stored to the virtual drive include generic motherboard drivers that will be used for the initial installation of the operating system. After the installation the first thing one should do is install the drivers designed especially for that motherboard. Failing to do update will install them for you, but these usually do not include the latest versions.
6)There are down loadable IEDE drivers for his computer. Had he given me all the correct information concerning the model, I would have been glad to post a link...but since he failed to do that I will not post a link to something that I am not sure will be the right one. For him to say that he went there and couldn't find them was totally wrong as I went there and found plenty without issue. He may not have known what he was looking for and again had the poster refered to his exact model, he would have gotten the correct link to the downloads.

Wow , Now let us observe your comments....
I have a Presario 5000 that I am trying to re-install Windows on

from HP: Content starts here
Results for "presario 5000"

More than 300 products contain the term "presario 5000".
Please search for your product again using the text box to the right, following the suggestions below.

seems to me you don't know what it is that you have either or were you afraid to post the correct model of your computer as well!

(which is jacked up due to malware) This is so laughable. To think that someone thinks he is such a knowledgeable person on computers will allow this to happen. Or is it that you failed to mention that it was someone's elses computer that you were working on.

And for your information Bud...not all computers have that switch in their BIOSes and for you to say there is the fix is just egotistical that you look foolish. One thing for certain is that there is no "this is the fix" answer for all the problems that arise.

Now get the point ...if you or other posters wish to get the best answers to your problem then give us the proper specs for the computer the problem is about then give us the problem that you are having and then what you have done to try to correct need to lie or over state the issues. It serves no purpose in doing so!

If you or anyone else has the answer to an issue...feel free to post. You do not have the right to try to flame someone because you think there answer is wrong...just state your answer and move on to the next.

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