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I am having the same problem. I have a Presario 5000 that I am trying to re-install Windows on. At the beginning of the setup it reports that no HDD is found. Now the old copy of windows is still installed on this hard drive. If I do not (Press any key to boot from cd) it will boot from the hard drive and load windows (which is jacked up due to malware). The plan was to format the drive from within windows setup. I am not using the included restoration disk because I am installing xp pro instead of that xp home crap that came with it.

While googleing for answers I found this thread and just couldn't help but get irritated at the way you responded to this poor fellows request for help. But hey what can you expect from free help? No help at all apparently.

my response
How he connected it doesn't make a difference, whether he plugged it in directly or used an external device, the results are the same.

1)He said he put the old hard drive back in and got the same result. Are you assuming that he changed the jumper on that one? Do you know what they say about people who assume.

2)If a drive works on one computer, then it is already set up. So if you put it onto another computer, it should work just as well.

3)The generic IDE controllers obviously didn't work.

4)No comment. LOL

5)The controller drivers are installed during installation? Without further explanation that makes no sense at who is not giving enough information?

6)Yes there are different versions but seeing as how there are no download-able eide controller drivers what difference does that make?

I did find the problem. In the bios there is a Sata Native Support option, I disabled it and Windows setup could then see the hard drive. I suspect I can turn it back on after the install is done. I realize the original poster has either figured out the problem or tossed the laptop into the trash can by now as it has been a few months...but for anyone looking for answers in the future..there ya go. Have a good day.

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