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Thanks for the reply, Benjamin. However, your reply is much too deep for me. Btw, I am referring to the old laptop and not the new one. The new laptop is ok. I'm trying to get the old laptop started again to try to retrieve some data. Actually, only contacts, appointments from Microsoft Outlook. Hopefully to change the Hard disk and get a new OS to get the old laptap usable again.

Looks like I have to post my other problem here since it is related. I had wanted to sync my Motorola Q9 smartphone (Windows Mobile) with my new Laptop to transfer contacts/appointments from the phone to the Microsoft Outlook in the new laptop. Due to wrong settings in the smartphone, the new 'empty' laptop over-rode my Motorola smartphone thereby deleting all the contacts/appointments in my smartphone. The only other place where I still had the contacts/appointments in Microsoft Outlook was in the old laptop which broke down as mentioned. So I am trying to get the old laptop working again to get to the data.

With advice from someone, I actually took out the hard disk from the old laptop, inserted it into a portable hard casing and it could be used as a portable HD, but I don't know how to look for the data required and how to merge that with my current data now in the Microsoft Outlook in the new laptop (I have since started to input contacts and appoinments in the new laptop). Problem eh?

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