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right, again i have had a few similar problems but the one that came up with that error was a... really broken hard disk. However this is unlikely in your case because in Lenovo the first thing to break is windows, not hardware. Assuming that your hardware is ok you could look up on google for a linux distrinution iso and burn it with you new laptop (or live USB if no cd which is unlikely). Then boot from it as a live cd, no data will be affected. If you have a problem with your NTFS partition, install linux to flash disk, get WINE (not to drink but the virtualization style program) and run something like recuva to get your files bak or use a virtual machine to test your recovery cd for faults and if its the cd ask for a new one. Now if what I said is in some way wrong please dont yell, im only 13 and by the way this is for Lurkswithin cause I know he will post: take it easy pal!

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