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Browser Firefox Can't load my forum!

I've been on a particular forum for a while, and Everything's been going fine between me and everyone else, especially the mods, but suddenly, I went to check my messages, and the home page loads as a bunch of garble (such as random characters from your standard ASCII map, with about 1/4-7/8 of it all being question marks within black diamonds).

The site itself has a .tk domain, but all the other .tk sites I visited haven't given me a problem (of course, they all have a www prefix). strange part is, The problem only occurs when I'm going to visit the main portion of the site [http://<SiteNameHere>.tk], but not when I visit the sub-portions [http://forum.<SameSite>.tk or .http://chat.<AnyIdeasYet>.tk]

I've talked with the mods, and the admins, and neither of them had any clue on how to help.

Other info that might be useful:
  • I use Mozilla firefox.
  • I tried using Internet Explorer, but it tried saying "You must download this site!"
  • adding www. after the http:// doesn't help.
  • I was able to gain access through the Google Cache.

Should I kill my compy, or is there a way to correct this problem?

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