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Originally Posted by squirrelnmoose View Post
Record from what source?

They are giving you the files (as a MP3) what do you want to record they are not already providing?
I will try explain my need here ... in case am not clear let's forget this ...

I have a little device ... usb ... brand ''aigo'' ... 1G capacity ...
cheap one $20 ... I insert this into a port on laptop ... go to ''My Computer'' ... it is shown as an additional removable device ... right click open it and it is shown in status bar as active ... then I go to '''' ... choose a program ... it takes me to ''download'' section ... click download and the program is recorded in my little device ... now remove device, fix earphone in it and listen to recorded program.

Short of breath.

Now what I want is a similar device to record BBC programmes
other than ''Podcast''.
Say a drama or one of their other programmes like ''Outlook'',
Assignment, One Planet, News Hour etc etc.
All these programmes mentioned above are downloadable to my laptop and later listened to on the laptop itself ... but these cannot be recorded into my mp3 player mentioned above.

There4 am wondering ''Is there a device to record downloaded
programmes from the laptop ?"

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