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Originally Posted by mistral7 View Post
Consequent to lots of shuffling around of drives - crashes, disks fatalities, etc, I want to move my XP sp3 os to a seprate drive in the same machine - apart from the fact that the present os is located on a 5 year old drive, I want to be able to set up a dual boot - XP and Ubuntu. To do this I need to use a commom hard drive (so it seems) and there is not enough room on the old drive.

Obvious is to reformat, etc, but..the pain of putting everything back...

Hope there is someone out there with a clever solution that a simple person like myself can follow

You do not have to set up everything on a single drive unless the machine that you are using is a laptop or so old itself that the hardware is disfunctional.

But we can lead you through what ever you decide....keep in mind that transfering the old XP over will also transfer all your issues as well. The only option for that is a clean installation...( for restoration issues look into imaging the drive and this will save you having to keep reinstalling all the apps as well!)

let us know what you really wish to do and we will be glad to walk you through the process.

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