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Default pc to laptop network

I am not quite a novice, but networking is beyond me!

I have two computers, a dell dimension 4100 and a dell inspiron 8100 laptop.

I want to network them with a Westell 327W gateway. The pc has no wireless card & must be connected to the gateway with a cable. The pc has a Westell wireless card. Westell directs me to Verizon & Verizon is no help. according to verizon, the gateway is a router & a wireless gateway. I don't have any manual or install disc.

1. Do I need a router to connect the gateway to the pc?

2. Why won't the pc recognize the gateway through an ethernet cable? I enabled the ethernet adapter in device manager & connected the two, but the pc won't recognize the gateway.

3. could I have the wrong cable? I assumed if the ends fit the ethernet port it was OK.
The laptop connects to wireless networks OK using the wireless card advice is welcome. Thanks

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