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Originally Posted by Mbuwir Eric View Post
Dear all,
I wish to find out which is the best antivirus for the moment? I think i am infected with a very terrible virus that hides folders on my flash drive. These files are there, but are invisible when i insert my flash. however, other files not stored in folders are very visible.
What do i do?
Thanks for assisting.
Eric M.
How do you know that the files are there if you can not see them?

Whether the files are stored in folders or not shouldn't matter as either the folder will show or the files will show....unless you are running a hidden files folder as security. If that is the case you will have to use the original program to restore the files.

If it was me and I have an issue with a flash drive I would just format the drive and be done with it and that will remove any viruses.

I use Avira anti virus program (free version) It has been rated as in the top 5 and I have been extremely satisfied with is not a suite of programs ...only anti virus...

I am also using ThreatFire another (free)anti-virus program that will work with the Avira program without conflicts . While it is not good to run 2 anti-virus programs these two work well together.

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