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I usually don't reply to these types of posts. But I have used this Ncleaner and am still analyizing the various applications. Though I have not posted to any sites as to my findings this is what I wrote to some of my fellow techs that I have worked with for years.
************************************************** ***
The program seems like an almost exact copy of Ccleaner when it starts up. But it is definately different.
I updated and ran Ccleaner on my test computer and it found some 150mb of files to be removed and some 46 registry files that needed to be taken care of as well. I then ran Ncleaner and was amazed that it found another 50mb of crap files that Ccleaner missed plus another 122 registry files that needed to be looked into. The crap files were standard .dat files and log files and in which 9 of them came back as system files and problem..I ear marked them for looking into later on!

The registry files got to me though...Mostly files that were supposedly removed from programs that I had removed months ago and have used Ccleaner and Registry mechanic quite a few times since removing the apps and programs that left those files. Ncleaner seems to have dug up these that Ccleanerand Registry Mechanic either marked to exclude or just didn't see them to remove them although I belive that some of them had or was reported to have been removed by Ccleaner.

There are some other applications included with the Ncleaner program.
1) A file uninstaller from boot....similar to Ccleaner and Remove-On-Boot
2) a start-up file program...see what programs is starting when your computer boots and the ability to stop it from doing so. and also what system files were starting up at the same time which showed some interesting winlogon apps starting that I was totally unaware of....I am looking into them
3)A tweaking application for optimizing the computers performance

Overall I am impressed with what I have seen so far. This is a free application for casual non-commercial use. I am still examining this program and the various applications that it uses so at this time am not indorsing it but making the suggestion that others might take a look at it as well.

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