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trouble reinstall xp problems big problems

i have a dell with xp. my pc got a virus............... had the virus removed.(60 virus). maybe i should start back when i noticed problems. i wanted to totaly remove a program, so i went to regedit. it stated that admim won't let me. I am admin on my pc. I then had problems with IE would not let me online at all. i was told i could reinstall to factory settings. did try it, still would not work. oh also my dvd drive won't work. so i can't reinstall from cd. I had an old floppy drive that i put in pc to try and boot from floppy. went on line to made xp bootable from another pc in house. it said can't find address on floppy, so it couldn't make a copy. (I never heard of that). all i want is to get my pc working. i thought of formating the hard drive, but need to know how i can reinstall xp. i know that the cd rom will only go to the hidden xp install. so if formatted that will be gone too. i even went to dos in safemode to dell\utilities\dsrboot_dsr.exe i could only go to dell\utilities
i can see it in dir, but can't get to it. I feel so lost without my PC

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