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Default FCleaner

This is really not a Question being Posted but just information making everyone aware that's not aware of the all new System Cleaner and Tweaker called NCleaner. Before using this Software I was using C Cleaner in which I still have on my System but I found that NCleaner dose a much better job cleaning your System of old and junk Files as well as Browser Tacks. Unlike C Cleaner it has a Tab to be set to work with all the other Browsers on the Market such as Google Chrome. Not only do NCleaner allow you to Uninstall those hard to Uninstall Applications but it also have Tabs for Repairing and Updating them as well unlike C Cleaner. The best part about NCleaner is that it is Free and House System Tools such as System Restore and System Information within it's self for easy reach. It also keeps a Record of all the Junk that has been clean from your System since it was Installed. If you haven't tried NCleaner and plan to you will be as Amazed as I was on it's very first Run and every single Run after that.

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