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Do Not Use Your Email For A Screen name Get in touch with the Admin and have them remove it and sign you up with a new user name (screen name)

************************************************** **

If you wish to start over, you will need to have either the original CD's that came with the computer or copies of them and/or the microsoft original installation CD for Windows 2000 Pro ( and the license ) plus the drivers for all installed hardware of your motherboard.

A start up disc will not allow you to reinstall the operating system. It is simply a boot disc to allow a person to boot-up a damaged operating system.

************************************************** ****

If your hard drive is full then another option would be to remove all the unnecessary files and programs that you have stored/installed on the computer.
1)Use the add/remove option in control panel to remove the programs.
2) Highlight and delete all the old Data located in the "My Documents" folder.
3) Delete or copy the photos in "My Pictures" to CD/DVD
4) Delete or copy the music in "My Music" Folder to CD/DVD
5) Use a Registry Cleaner to clean all remnants from the registry
6) Use a Temp file cleaner to empty all the temp files
7) use the built in File cleaner to compress remaining files and remove old copies of system restore
8 ) Defrag the harddrive

If you do all that then you will have basically a clean system to use.

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