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Default Boot Utility Program..

Lurks Within or other....

It was suggested that I use a boot utility program to erase vista and proceed from there to clean install XP with my upgrade CD..

Would this boot utility program allow me to create a bootable diagnose cd.

Basically I would put in the CD and it will bring me to the Dos command prompt. I could then use commands to wipe out C..(right) or diagnose tools. (A Emergency boot CD)?

Is there a program that YOU could suggest to help me in this?
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I have found a website that outlines how to do a clean install of vista using the provided anytime upgrade CD. or oem and so forth.. ()Guess this is only for people who have a factory installed version of vista on there PC/Laptop and want to wipe out hard drive and do a clean install, not just a repair or restore.

- FYI - for those who are experienceing problems with vista and want to keep it there is a website that offers the vista recovery CD (and it works well)

If anyone is interested in my process..

I am still preparing to install XP, still have not completed my backing up.

<Website> for Clean Install
T61 - Vista - Clean Install Guide

<Website> for Vista Recovery CD
Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc &#x2014; The NeoSmart Files

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