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Default Sound problem using PINNACLE Studio MovieBoard Ultimate S12 PCI

I got no reply at all from the Pinnaclesys forum so I'm trying here. Their forum is probably as bad as their Studio software.

1. PINNACLE MOVIEBOARD - When we try to capture a video from an analog videocam to an xp-sp2 pc, using the PINNACLE Studio MovieBoard Ultimate S12 PCI via either Studio 10.6 or 9, the videocam is not recognized. In the source dropdown menu we can see a sort of blank where the name of the analog videocam should appear, but it does not. Clicking on it doesn't help either. BTW, Studio 10.6 was delivered with the MovieBoard kit we purchased!!

Now, if we switch to MovieMaker instead of Studio 10.6, the analog videocam is recognized and the image is captured, but there is no sound at all.

When we go through the same operation with a digital camera rather than the analog one, the capture is perfect, both video and sound, using Studio 10.6 (and MovieMaker for that matter).

2. PINNACLE MOVIEBOX - If we use the Pinnacle Moviebox instead of the movieboard on the same pc, with a USB connection, all captures are perfect (video + sound) : both with the analog videocam and the digital videocam using either Studio 10.6 or MovieMaker.

Using a different pc gives us exactly the same results as described above.
Are we using a defective MovieBoard PCI card ?

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