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Default Tower wont connect to any monitor

Hi i need some help with my tower.

the tower worked fine a few months ago, but it hasnt been used in a few months, not touched nothing at all just sitting there...

anyways i go to try and use it i plug a monitor up to it, the computer turns on lights up and runs but IT DOES NOT CONNECT TO THE MONITOR!

The monitors says "self check, your monitor is working correctly, please check cables and connection" well the Monitor works fine ive used it with 2 other computers so i knew it wasnt the monitor i tryed using the tower with another monitor i had SAME PROBLEM monitor works but doesnt connect and computer turns on, no connection to monitor.

i thought it might be the Grahpics card so i changed it (the card is not conncted to the MOtherBoard there is a slot one of them kinds)
Still did not work with diff grahpic card..

What could be the problem??? can anyone help??

DO not say check the cables i checked them all i checked all the pins

someone help..

msn: [email protected]

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