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trouble Video installer??...VGA?.....HELP!!!!!

Hello and good day to all!!I have a problem for couple of weeks now,and i dont' really know what to do...I hope i'll get some help from some of u....So...i have installed some games,and i can play for a while,and at some point,the game blocks,and i can see only a black screen,and i have to restart my computer...sometimes i see some error saying something about vga controller...I kept unninstaling and reinstalling graphic drivers from ATI,because i thought that would solve the problem,but nothing....I red something about this video controller,but i don't know where to get it from...I will give u some details about my pc configuration,as much as i know....hope u'll excuse me,'cause i'am a girl... So,my OS:Windows XP,Graphic card:Radeon HD 3650,CPU:AMD Athlon 64....That's the details i know and i thought they would be important...Hope to get some help with that VGA thing,cause it's really frustraiting now...As for the video card,i hope i installed the right driver from ATI...I just got it today...Now i have a new game installed,and i don't see a thing....well...i see some shades,the hair,and the glasses of the character...

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