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Originally Posted by whocares? View Post
I had a problem with my CorelDraw 9.0. It complained of Error loading dock, menu, status.... file and as such, I cannot work any longer with my CorelDraw 9.0. After uninstalling using the normal protocol, and re-installing it, the same problem persists. Please, what is the process of uninstalling a program and deleting all its files from the machine? Please help me out!
This sometimes is caused by a corrupted installer package and can be readily solved by updating the microsoft installer do so....remove the old installer package using add/remove program then downloading and installing the newest version.

Download details: Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable

Once the installer package has been repaired then try uninstalling the older program of corel draw...a repair option should the repair FIRST then uninstall and reinstall as usual. This should give you a clean installation.

If not then you will need to use the add/remove program and uninstall corel draw. ..then manually remove the corel folder from C:/windows/programs.
After removing the folder (if it is there or not there) then run the registry cleaning program from Ccleaner to remove all remnents of the uninstall.

Once the system is clean you can reinstall the program and it should work just fine.....(this was a known issue with windows XP and W2000 using the microsoft installer package 2.0)

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