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PC Problems with video card and Resident Evil

Hello, my english is bad but i try to explain my problem the best i can.

I have an AMD K6-2 Machine with an old 4 Mb video card (with 3D acceleration) and Resident Evil works fine but I have installed it on a Celeron 700 Mhz with a SIS630 AGP on-board card with 16 Mb and it doens't work. The game only works on Windows 9x systems or Windows XP SP2 so i installed it in a Windows 98SE system with the correct drivers for the hardware from the official PCCHIPS web page:

- Mother m756LMRE-H (ATX)
- Celeron of 700 Mhz on Socket 370
- 80 Mb of DIMM memory
- SIS 630 AGP with 16 mb (on-board)
- SIS 7018 sound hardware (on-board)

The game shows a error message "Failed to initialize the Graphic Hardware Device.(3)" the game has a configuration program for selecting differents video cards models, the old k6-2 machine has a intel card that don't appear on the list but it worked fine with "Creative 3D Blaster" selected, but the other machine i selected all the video cards from the list and it doens't work.

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