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Originally Posted by pema View Post
I have a Dell Inspiration desk top and i am having much troble whit the pc.
I want to reset my pc to the original factory settings.
I like to khow i have a bunch of CD and i like to know what i can do to
fix the problem.
How to reformat a dell computer with Microsoft Windows XP

Step 1

Unplug all external devices such printer, digital camera, MP3 music player, or any other device attached to your computer.

Step 2

Place your Dell Windows XP reinstallation CD (usually purple or blue) in the disk drive. (Either CD or DVD drive will do).

Restart your computer to get into the Windows XP setup screen. Hit the F12 key immediately when the computer screen starts back up.

Step 3

Then, select option 4.

NOTE: Press the space bar right away or Windows will start up and you will have to repeat these first three steps.

Step 4

You should get a blue screen that deals with SETUP. In that screen, hit the F8 key and do not try the repair option. We are going for a clean install. Then hit the ESC key in the corner.

Step 5

Partition __ (usually the larger one), (d) for delete (not the FAT32, only NTFS choice with the highest volume on it). Hit enter to execute your choice.

Step 6

Press L to complete, and C to create.

Step 7

Select "new raw format" (Quick format) will work just fine. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

Step 8

Proceed to Windows setup screen as directed. Remember, you only want 1 partition.

Step 9

You will go to Windows screen where it states "setup is copying files" on your computer. It will take just about an hour to get through this Windows setup on your Dell (or less).

Step 10

Then the computer will restart automatically and warns you ahead of time.

Step 11

You will see the screen "preparing installation." Once Windows is ready to be set up, follow the on-screen setup prompts for the Internet, time zone, and other customizations. You should not have to register with Microsoft since you already have.

Step 12

You will also have to reinstall any device drivers using the blue Dell support CD if they are not installed properly such as Network cards, wireless internet, USB driver, sound card and more. Always test your computer to make sure these are functioning properly.


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