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Originally Posted by foxclab01 View Post
Good evening everybody.

So I am back with some more questions :

1. Despite Hauppauge HVR3000, are there any other tuner cards that combine All-In-One signals ( Analog, Digital & Satellite altogether ) ? From those, if any, which ones do have alternative software ( Freeware, Linux etc ? ) Which ones are compatible with all the transmmiting systems? ( PAL, SECAM & NTSC )

2. Is there any freeware program for Video Comparison? What I want to do is to compare 2 Video Streams and to be able to understand whether they are the same video or not.

And some questions about a Video Server that I want to create :

3. Given the fact that the Server will be into my PC, which is the best way for me to avoid Hacking ??

4. Which processor is the quickest for the combination Apache Server, PHP and MySQL ? Core 2 Duo E8500, Core 2 Quad Q6600 or Core 2 Quad Q8200 ?

And a final a bit irrelevant question :

5. Is there a wireless USB ? That is to say, how can I make a device which has a USB cable for connection with a PC to communicate wirelessly with the PC without having to create a whole wireless LAN ? What I trully want is an adaptor to connect into the edge of the USB cable of the device, so the USB signal will be transmitted wirelessly to the PC where there will be another adaptor in some USB port to collect the wireless signal.

Thank you all very much.
1)Plextor ConvertX PVR PX-TV402U
ConvertX (PX-TV402U)

2)Not that I am aware of That is something that would only be found in some high dollar programs used in film making and such....I suggest that if you are planning something in this nature that you do not skimp on the software as that is what will be the make or break it.

3) Keep it off line....Anyone so concerned about someone else hacking your system will tend to make one believe that you are going to be doing something other than what you telling us about....Hackers don't waste their time trying to break into individual's computer systems as it is not worth the effort.....To test their skills and all they want to hack conglomerents and government agencies for their claim to fame. Second thing would be that you would have to have been brought to their attention as to be worthy of the bother....simple editing should not be a case for that!

4) Core 2 Quad Q6600 I think would be the better chip but will be a bit more power hungary than the Q8200

using Apache web server with MySQL, PHP is a hard way to go. I suggest updating to the Xampp platform with MySql, PHP and Perl already built in!

XAMPP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

5) It is fairly new technology but there is some information out for it! - Wireless USB

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