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Originally Posted by Herman1 View Post
Thanks for the info.

I checked my backup from May 15th and noticed I did backup the most important info from My documents (interesting what I found to be the most important info to save). The only thing I missed was my photos. I am going to try and retrieve those off the camera. I have come to the conclusion that since I have already installed the Windows Operating System again I probably overwrited the partitions with the stored data.

Oh well, I just have to make sure I back up more frequently.
If you connect your camera upto the computer to grab your pix, use the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Although you may have deleted them with the camera / and or camera software they will still be there as long as they have not been overwritten yet.

Google for Karen's Replicator it's free backup software, which you can schedule to do this for you. Making weekly backups is the best way of having peaceful dreams...


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