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Originally Posted by Wombat View Post
This is the complete Linux distro called LOAF that runs from a floppy. Your still wasting your time stick to Win 95...

LOAF: Linux On A Floppy
Also..I have a comcast high speed internet modem and the Laptop is a Versa 6030X..ive decided to stay with windows 95 but ive run into another problem. the laptop came with a Xircom Realport Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56 card in it but if i connect the comcast cable modem to it via the ethernet cable..nothing happens..can anyone help me with this? it still tells me i have no internet connection.Also..the modem supports usb(laptop dosent.XD and my desktop does) but my desktop pc only holds the connection for about 20 secs then nothing will load, yet the network connections folder shows everything is alright

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