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Default Anyone knows how to fix Fatal error??

Hi ,.. I am having a double difficulty with an Acer 5100-3583 laptop. First off let me tell you my first difficulty: Its my wife's laptop,so Im in big trouble. Secondly,.. this is waht I did: I went into the control Panel,under Add/Remove programs,.and I removed a program that I didn't know what it was. named "Otto",. then I kept messing around,and I deleted Framework 1.1 and fraework 2.0 and framework hotfix. DONT asks me why,. because I dont know what I was thinking. Then,. Now there is a message that is poping up like 10 times , a little window that says "Error FATAL EXECUTION ENGINE ERROR(0x7927e03e)" everytime i turn it on..

and NOW I cant use the recovery console that comes with Acer,. so Im screwed, cause Now Ican't even recover the computer to a factory defaults.-
So when I click ok,.. to that message... a new one pops up,. One is an alert message from the Acer.Empowerng.launcher.Framework.exe - an the warning says "Aplicationhas generted an exeptionthat could not be handled.
Process id=0x900 (2304) thread iD=0c908(2312)
Click ok to terminate application ,click cancel to denug.

Anyways,. I have three ore of those with diferent warning messages,. the second one is about the CLI.exe, the other one is about the "ePower_DMC.exe" and the last one about the "ePresentation.exe"

Im lost,and I dont know if anyone could ever help me to restore this setings,. or if you guys know what should I do to fic it.
Thank you very much!!

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