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You cannot use recovery program on the same drive that you wish to recover from........MUST BE DIFFERENT hard disc DRIVES.....

The drives should have an abundant amount of space to match that of the drive that you wish to recover from. In this case the partition would be the same as drive (250G)that you wish to recover data from is partitioned into 2 partitions (example C of 100G and D of 150G) The recovery space needed for the recovery program to install the recovered data must be equal to or larger than the partition size itself....Recover data from C(100G) then recovery space must be at the least 100G as well.

A separate computer should be used to install the recovery program. Then remove the old harddrive and slave it to the other computer and then run the recovery program. and store the recovered data either on a partiton of the main computer's harddrive or to a third drive.

You cannot recover information from an optical drive....CD or DVD...

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