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I have been using Win XP pro x64 ever since the public beta 2 release, almost three years ago I think (time is flying past).

It is a very stable operating system to use. There are no issues with getting 64 bit drivers. 99.9% of hardware manufacturers have drivers for their products.

Software is a little different, the majority of the reputable anti virus / firewall companies have 64 bit versions. The other major software companies like Adobe are still dragging the chain releasing a 64 bit versions.

All 32 bit software works flawlessly on x64 so no worries there.

You can use shiploads of ram with it as well, on my newish computer I have 4gigs of ram in it and I'm thinking of increasing that to 8gigs. The old computer that also has x64 on it only has 2 gigs as I do not want to spend any more on that box.

Not sure what AARP is, but if it has to do with age it is a nonsense. I'm 63 and have no problems using x64. It's only a number after all...


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