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AARP parents....are they computer literate or is it just a picture factory and email server for them?

I ask this as the 64 bit operating system of itself should not cause them any undue stress unless they are planing to use really outdated programs or some special add-on tools for Internet Explorer. Office programs shouldn't be an issue...neither should any music programs. The pictures are stored and burned just as the 32 bit and there should be no difference in that regard.

Picture and photo editing might be but of that I am not sure.

Now as for security...there can be some issues with various anti-virus programs and anti- spyware/malware programs...but i think even those have been ironed out.

They just need to be understanding that they must look for 64bit structured applications and programs..

To install another 32 bit system...just boot to the installation disc and it will format over the 64 bit partition and install the 32 bit version. I wouldn't bother with a dual boot for them.

All you should want to transfer is the personal data and pictures and music can't transfer doesn't work! I would back them all up to CD/DVD for hard copy and then just drag and drop from the CD/DVD

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