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Originally Posted by BaRR View Post
Really. Oh well I guess so. The only reason I said that is because I tried doing the same thing on another computer; installing the memory backwards and flashing the BIOS. It produced the same results. So unless it was just a coincidence that's why I assumed that happened. But yes you're right I shouldn't flash the BIOS unless it's necessary but it was because it had gotten corrupted way back, and although it seemed to be fine I just wanted to make sure. It was my fault for not giving all the info, because I assumed things in the past that I had fixed wouldn't matter.
Older computers were concerned as to which memory went where...the largest stick had to go into the nearest slot to the CPU and/or certain channels had to be matched...etc.. You said it was new and being so the stick placement shouldn't matter any more. But even the old computers, the addition to the correct ram should not have made them crash. and that should be something to be concerned about!
Memory is the one thing people should not get cheap on. If they can they should purchase only top of the line memory and leave that value crap alone. And only go with the major brands if you must buy value sticks....stay away from house brands and special runs in store sales.

Relatively speaking....everything that one does to a computer can compound into a new issue....especially things being done to the BIOS and registry. One must remember that all a computer does is what it is asked to do....nothing more and nothing less....if that happens then there is a problem.

Anyway, I am glad that you got it up and running but you should check the event viewer and see what errors were recorded in the highlight the various errors and click on them and the details concerning the errors and possible causes will pop-up

control panel > admin tools > event viewer. Look in the window on the left and there should be 3 different log on each on and in the window on the right scrool down till an error shows and highlight it.

Check all three log files as the errors may show up in only one or two.

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