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Originally Posted by lurkswithin View Post
Re-flashing the in you already flashed it once before...on a new machine????? .... no wonder you are having issues. The BIOS is not something that you just mess around with. In fact it is best not to even mess with it unless it is a measure of last resource.

Swapping memory sticks around should not have any effect on new computers as the channels don't care what position memory sticks are in. More than likely there is a hardware issue with the contacts of the memory sockets or the sticks just were not seated firmly before. I for one tend to believe that you have a serious issue with that,,,,as installing the correct memory should not make your system crash a couple of times to begin with! This could be related to the multiple BIOS flashing as well.

I am glad that it is working properly (?) now...I just hope it continues to do so. In the case that it doesn't please refer the next post concerning your computer back to this thread so that others will not be wasting their time trying to figure out what might be wrong!
Really. Oh well I guess so. The only reason I said that is because I tried doing the same thing on another computer; installing the memory backwards and flashing the BIOS. It produced the same results. So unless it was just a coincidence that's why I assumed that happened. But yes you're right I shouldn't flash the BIOS unless it's necessary but it was because it had gotten corrupted way back, and although it seemed to be fine I just wanted to make sure. It was my fault for not giving all the info, because I assumed things in the past that I had fixed wouldn't matter.

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