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Default Nice little defragger...

1. Stumbled upon "Piriform Defraggler" [ Defraggler - Defragment your files! ] is a nice little, simple to use, free, defragger which, if you recall earlier versions of Windows Defrag.exe... i.e. W95-W98SE [?] it's a bit nostalgic. I am always mesmerized by the wee boxes flitting about... I miss that in the XP defrag.exe Its produced by the makers of Crap Cleaner. The only drawback I have found so far, is that there is no legend for the colour codes...i.e. what each colour represents as the program shifts the fragments about. My memory is not what it used to be, so I only vaguely recall some of them.

Maybe someone who still has a useful copy of the old defrag.exe could note the colours here, and what they signify. This may be of some help... jkOnTheRun:Freeware of the Moment: Auslogics Disk Defrag

2. Auslogic also has some nice, freeware for defragging...I do not like it better... DirFile: Freeware Software Downloads but it does give a colour code, and it removes junk files prior to the defragging.

I think I'd run both in this 1, 2 sequence.

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