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This is so hilarious.

Plain and simple...blackbox testing is garbage testing.....whitebox/clearbox or what other name you wish to use is the true test.

Your premise from the auto tire is crap. you can't compare the stupidity of the operator for the failure of the product. The lug nut and bolts were tested previously to be sound by experienced testers and test procedures. The failure to tighten is the responsibility of the shop for improper training of the employees on how to tighten the lug nut. It is not a premise that the bolt or nut failed...but of the employee that failed.

Again, you have taken something and tried to reinvent it. If a program is designed to do a certain thing then test it for that objective purpose. Don't test it for things it was not designed to do as it will all ways fail in that regard....That sir is why "black box testing" is garbage testing, it is constantly being subjected by unskilled testers to do what it was never designed to do.

Oh, I love that one. ergo...every consumer must not be allowed to purchase any product that he/she has not been tested on. And if the product is crap, then whose fault is that. Once its in the box, the assumption is, that the product works as it is supposed to...and for as long as necessary...that is why we have cover up the mistakes and incompetence among software and hardware makers...who release their products too soon, and then wait for the complaints. Do we get our money back. Not likely. Why should the user be you testing ground? That's fraudulent...bait and switch.
Again with the out of context crap...all testing should be conducted prior to marketing the product....beta testing is done as pre- marketing testing so that the users can actually put the product under real time usage and then report the bugs to the designers so they can be repaired before the product is sold.....That is what you do not buy the product then beta test it....unless you are not a part of the beta testing and are nothing but a wanna-be.

Yes, when it is put on the shelf and sold as a viable product, then it is expected to work as described...if it doesn't, then we have laws that guarantee that we get our money back....they are called "Tort Laws". That is our protection from the incompetent designers and manufacturers that you describe. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there that take advantage of the internet and send out bogus programs. There are just as many bogus testers that certify that something works as designed or testify that they use it and it works as ,if not better, than described. Don't believe me just watch TV in the early AM and you will see lots of them!

Your problem sir is the blackbox testing, you have taken it too much to heart and use it to read betweeen the lines when there are no hidden words at all.
You dissect a statement and subject it to all kinds of what if's and lose sight of what the statement really says.

And yes I am a technocrat in the sense that I am :
1) An advocate of technocracy.
2)An expert in some technology, especially one in a managerial or administrative role.
3)An individual who makes decisions based solely on technical information and not personal or public opinion.

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