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Default Agree to disagree

To quote an old sage: "Test groups are sometimes called professional idiots...people who are good at designing incorrect data." Test groups test data they do not design data. If the program was designed correctly in the first place, then there would be no need for any further investigation. Testing streams is for computers to do. They can follow a path far faster and they are completely objective...on/ not work...trash it or put it on the shelf.

"test cases are hard to design " and for that reason, poorly designed software hits the streets with more hype than it deserves. We get sucked into paying for ware that White Box testers can't be bothered spending the time to do it in the first place. There would be much more confidence in computers and the software they use if there was more integrity among your superiours. Apply you logic to an automobile. Imagine winging down the turnpike and a wheel falls off. Traced back to the garage where you had the wheels rotated, and we may find that the mechanic couldn't be bothered double checking that the lug nuts are ALL on tight. Neither do I want to use that premis when I go to get lasik surgery on my eyes...get real. At some point accountablility must be the order of the day, underpinned by valitidity...and the ease of reaching a clearly defined objective!

"Why not use the correct testing proceedure of clearbox testing.....ohhhh so need to have some working knowledge of the problem to do that!"

Oh, I love that one. ergo...every consumer must not be allowed to purchase any product that he/she has not been tested on. And if the product is crap, then whose fault is that. Once its in the box, the assumption is, that the product works as it is supposed to...and for as long as necessary...that is why we have cover up the mistakes and incompetence among software and hardware makers...who release their products too soon, and then wait for the complaints. Do we get our money back. Not likely. Why should the user be you testing ground? That's fraudulent...bait and switch.

You are a me, others are use-o-crats We don't give a hoot about the guts of the matter, the codes and such, just provide a product that works, no excuses. And if that is too difficult...take up gardening instead.

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