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Originally Posted by b1caez01 View Post
Woof! Woof! What's with folks who through cold water on other folks legitimate questions. William Wilson has the right attitude

On that note, try the above noted software. I've used Trend for years and have never had a problem with it. But, after "BLACK BOX" testing their Internet Security Pro for about a month now, I cannot recommend it at all.


I have now spent the last three days trying to solve its mpr.dll issue [MultipleProviderRouter.dll] re: "WNetRestoreConnectionA" The net is not offering up any suggestions that I have found work. "depends.exe" has been of some help, but only in-so-far as it points you in a does not solve the problem or offer up anything more then hints...bummer... The interdependency of files leaves the user wondering why he bothered to load it...for like a line of dominoes, one file folds and the whole thing collapses.
Black box testing...For this testing, test groups are often used, "Test groups are sometimes called professional idiots...people who are good at designing incorrect data."

Disadvantages of Black Box Testing

only a small number of possible inputs can actually be tested, to test every possible input stream would take nearly forever
without clear and concise specifications, test cases are hard to design
there may be unnecessary repetition of test inputs if the tester is not informed of test cases the programmer has already tried
may leave many program paths untested
cannot be directed toward specific segments of code which may be very complex (and therefore more error prone)

Why not use the correct testing proceedure of clearbox testing.....ohhhh so need to have some working knowledge of the problem to do that!

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