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Originally Posted by jask1987 View Post
i'm using system with pirated operating system using kaspersky antivirus without internet connection, once i taken a pendrive to cybercafe then the foldervirus problem starts.with that problem i changed the antivirus(bitdefender). in between the changing antivirus i used quickheal also for some days.after using the bitdefender the system gets slowdown slowly,so i had uninstalled that but the system is going to restarts after blue screen with some text apperaring for (1-2)seconds or showing the safemode options- some times it is going to open after few minutes from the safemode menu shown or if we entered into the safemode and restarts.pls let me know any solution other than formatting my system.
All of the antivirus companies are working with Microsoft to wreck pirated operating system installs. They also report your IP address to them as well.

Better for you to get a legal version of your operating system, before you get taken to court amd getting a humungous fine...


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