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trouble -=Pc Security(Tm)=-

Hi everyone.,my name is kevin and I need to say something about pc security PROBLEM.,this is it.,last day I just download and install a program to protect my private files.,called pc security(tm) So I install it perfectly It ask me if I am A premium user like a old user coz I only download it for free but its a 30days trial.
after that machine asked me(yes or No)so i press yes then it closed then ask me Warning: The password is still "SECURITY", please change it as soon as possible. lol why that freaking machine ask me?and it did not ask me
where should I put my password..OMG!~!
I dont put any password i just press enter God it says BadPassword(invalid Password.Please try again..,now how can I go to admin pannel(setting to change password and any protected files)?Now im typing on a security.,when I press Lock System.,,KABUM!!and I must type the password.,I typed everything I know but useless.,btw after a thousands of passwords I typed a box popup and says Alert(There were 1681 wrong passwords entered.)omg
finally I can Now move my self to anything but everytime I restart my pc and to the desktop I always says that I need a master password.,.I cant Uninstall coz I need the damn password.,can anyone helpme

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